How it all started

Anna’s screendance journey was kickstarted with her debut video created for the Exhibition Space Dance 2021. An unexpected quarantine forced her to wear the hats of director, choreographer, dancer, and editor, despite little to no experience in some of these areas.

Yet, necessity is the mother of invention. A surprising blend of challenge and fun resonated with audiences worldwide, amassing Sola Ipsa over 400,000 views on YouTube. Along the way, video shooting and editing extended Anna’s dancing and choreographing repertoire and opened up new artistic horizons.

San Pedro

“San Pedro” by Dom/Gaba Kulka, featuring Anna Juniewicz and Wojtek Matejko

San Pedro is a music video shot in for the “Dom” (“Home“) project.

Holding Together

“Holding Together” by Anna Juniewicz

Holding Tohether was shot in Paris and edited for the Tokyo Space Dance Exhibition online 2023. It had an online premiere on 2 April 2023.


“Roe” by Anna Juniewicz

Roe was shot for Tokyo Space Dance Exhibition online 2022. It had an online premiere on 1 October 2022.

Drool machine

“Drool machine” by Anna Juniewicz

Ministry of Truth

Ministry of Truth

Mother Tongue

“Mother Tongue” by Anna Juniewicz

Sola ipsa

Sola Ipsa by Anna Juniewicz

Sola Ipsa by Anna Juniewicz – making of
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