Anna Juniewicz (she/her) – a dancer, performance artist and artivist, Anna’s journey in butoh began in 2008, quickly evolving into her predominant practice. She’s drawing from its playful and provocative techniques, exploring shadows and forbidden colours.

She performed in venues including Nowy Teatr, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Poland and KANAL – Centre Pompidou in Brussels. Collaboration with diverse artists enriches her work, fusing dance with photography, video art, sculpture, and painting. Her teachers include Atsushi Takenouchi, Yoshito Ohno, Yukio Waguri, Yuko Kaseki, Juju Alishina, Joan Laage, and Tetsuro Fukuhara, with whom she also performed and who invited her to Tokyo’s New Butoh Space Dance residency. 

Since 2021, she has been creating intimate screendance forms, seeing video as a means to extend dance and choreographic means.

She holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology with specializations in Visual Communication and Human-Computer Interaction.