Il n’y a de cause que de ce qui cloche

Photo credits: Michel Titin-Schneider

Premiere: November 2023, festival En Chair et En Son in Paris.

A performance created to the acousmatic music by an Argentinian composer Jorge Sad Levi.

You wake up in an alien realm, inhabiting a different body, where everyone (including your body) seems to know what to do – but you have no clue. You feel a sour taste in your entire flesh and try to find traces of home in foreign etymologies. Furnish the space to feel more in control and the furnished space starts to take control over you. You see emerging worlds that seem warm and familiar, through a very blue river flowing above you, separating you from them. A bird flying above the river looks at you, chirping in a short moment of mutual recognition.


Unmasking by Anna Juniewicz. Photo credits: Krzysztof Fabiański

Premiere: April 2023, Butohpolis – 5th International Butoh Art Festival.

I’d spent my solitary hours disguising my soul. The masks were so perfect that when their paths crossed in the space of my consciousness, they didn’t recognize one another.

– Claude Cahun, << Carnaval En Chambre >>, “La Ligne De Coeur”, N° 4, March 1926, In “Écrits”

“Unmasking” is a solo performance and an invitation to a quiet world where you don’t need to do anything ‒ but also can’t do much. It is an encounter with limitations, embracing weaknesses, quirks and seemingly irrelevant rituals.

Concept, choreography and dance: Anna Juniewicz
Costume: Aleksandra Cieślak, Anna Juniewicz

Music (mixed and edited by Anna Juniewicz):

I am here (or am I?)

I am here (or am I?) by Anna Juniewicz, private archive

Premiere: November 2021, Butoh KAI Festival

She could not remember the last time he had really slept. The sensation of being alive came, as it always did, in the small hours. She tried to move, tried to raise herself. A movement of one or two inches, that was all, the movement of an arm. Not even that. She moved the air, as if it had a weight.

The text was generated by MODEL: GPT-J-6B, gender forms adjusted by AJ.

Where exactly inside you are you? What are you thinking with? Why do you call the intelligence of a machine artificial and is yours – real? How will the topography of your consciousness change if you walk through it with a map of your dreams?

The title is a part of the statement I once heard and then forgot where I heard it. Sounding questionable from a dancer’s perspective, it took me on a journey of human and non-human cognition through different bodily frameworks and lenses.

Concept, choreography, dance: Anna Juniewicz

Music (mixed and edited by Anna Juniewicz):

Lance Mannion Orchestra – My Corn Aches (CC BY 3.0 US)
Lance Mannion Orchestra – Plef Perf Noof (CC BY 3.0 US)
Fashionfacts – machine n°3 (CC BY 4.0)
Fashionfacts – outro (CC BY 4.0)
Miquel Parera – NXA006PD-2014-10-26_00_50_25-1 (CC BY 4.0)
Itsensäsyöjät – untitled (CC BY 4.0)
Itsensäsyöjät – End titles (CC BY 4.0)
Kosta T – Звонкий Голос (CC BY 4.0)
ERH – cinematic deep bass rumble (CC BY 3.0)
kingvitaman – Drug sequence (CC0 1.0)
hupguy – heart-rate-monitors (CC0 1.0)
Malachi – Panic Room (CC BY 4.0)
Demoiselle Döner – I like when the red water comes out (CC0 1.0)
Demoiselle Döner – Lack of reality between the world and my eyes (CC0 1.0)
PAS DANS LE CUL AUJOURD’HUI – Les Roses Ouvertes Pour Rien (CC0 1.0)
Water Sark – Voie Lactée (CC BY 4.0)
Birds of Paradise – Fragments Of Self (CC BY 4.0)
Drums Like Machine Guns – Brains and Shit Everywhere (CC0 1.0)
Futuristic Caveman – Dirty Beet Roots (CC BY 4.0)

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